Watch Ep3 | Indie City

Watch Ep3 | Indie City

Up Next in Stage of Development: Indie City (series)

  • Ep4 | We Are Chicago

    Chicago's South Side is a place where few children grow up to be game developers. Writer Tony Thornton raised a family there, and teamed up with Culture Shock Games to tell a story about what living there is really like.

  • Ep2 | The Hermit of Hyde Park

    William Chyr is a physicist, game developer, balloon artists and juggler, and the creator of "Manifold Garden." William describes it as a physics-based puzzle game about architecture and the first 100 years of physics. "As if M.C. Escher made a video game."

  • Ep5 | Idiots Doing a Dumb Thing

    Bit Bash is Chicago's homegrown indie game festival, started by a group of friends who had no idea what they were doing until they did it. Run by Chicagoans, for Chicagoans; it's a game festival done "the Chicago Way": a little goofy, a little rough around the edges, and imminently practical.